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Sam and Linda Brown from Hill City on 04/21/2017 06:38 PM
Greetings...To the administrators of Bike Mickelson.com, for your information, your Contact Us link isn't working. This is an inquiry as to what is the procedure for a local Hill City business which is along the Mickelson Trail (across East Main from the 1880 Train) to be listed on your site? We get many biking and hiking visitors who stop in for a refreshing drink from our espresso bar, and we would like users of the trail to be able to easily find us for reasonably-priced lodging as well. Thank you for your help, in advance. Best wishes, Sam and Linda Brown

Ray (webmaster) on 04/21/2017 07:37 PM
Hi Sam & Linda, I would love to list your business, and I apologize for the problem with the Contact Us page. It is now fixed. If you go to the Contact Us page now, you will see my email address and a list of all the details we need to get you listed.

Thank you for getting in touch and I look forward to hearing from you with all the details!

Crazy Horse
Tommy G on 03/05/2017 09:18 AM
Which trailhead is closest to the Crazy Horse monument?

Psychlist on 03/11/2017 07:13 AM
Maybe a mile north of the "Mountain" trailhead, the trail crosses Avenue of The Chiefs. Follow this road for a mile or two, and you're there.

Rabbit Bicycle for sale
Anonymous on 01/15/2017 12:22 PM
Rabbit Bikes in Hill City is up for sale. See the note from the owners halfway down their home page at http://www.rabbitbike.com/

Bulldog from Wichita on 12/31/2016 09:03 AM
Does the altitude make a difference for cycling?

Ray (webmaster) on 12/31/2016 09:07 AM
Oh yeah. Elevations along the trail range from 3400 feet to over 6000. If you are not used to physical activity in a high-altitude environment, be prepared for breathing extra hard.

Welcome to the Mickelson Forum
Ray (webmaster) on 12/11/2016 06:15 AM
The goal of this website is to provide all the tools you need to plan your Mickelson trip.

The Forum is a great place to ask and answer questions, share your experiences and ideas.

Happy trails!

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