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Starting in Custer

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Crystal from Maine on 5/28/2020 8:31:19 AM:
Starting my planning. We will be doing a day trip in July, starting in Custer. Thoughts on which direction to travel? Toward White Elephant or toward Hill City?

Jethro on 6/25/2020 12:04:13 PM:
North towards Hill City for sure. You can see Crazy Horse from the trail plus get to a few of the tunnels.

Crystal from Maine on 7/13/2020 10:29:43 AM:
Thanks so much for the info!!! Are the tunnels on the way to Hill City or are they past Hill city heading toward Mystic? I would definitely like to see at least one of those.
Do you think from Custer to Hill City would be a 4 hour trip? or should I rent the bikes all day?

michael from milliken, co on 7/24/2020 2:50:15 PM:
From Custer to Hill City is 15 miles. The round trip, I would estimate for 4 hours which would count for breaks and pictures.