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rmw from grand rapids, michigan on 8/25/2020 10:47:47 AM:
Lots of questions. What type of bike, mountain, crossover, hybrid? How many days should be allow, allowing appx 30-40 miles per day. Best time of year to go? Is hotel, cabin lodging expensive? thinking about riding this with my wife in 2021. She'll be 64, I'll be 70, but both in pretty good shape. Any feedback, thoughts, suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

Kathy from Omaha on 8/30/2020 4:05:58 PM:
I have the same questions. My husband and I would like to bike the trail in 2021. Are there places to camp or stay in hotels along the way? Is there a recommended itinerary? Is there a shuttle that can trans port us and our bikes back to the start?

Jenny from Colorado on 9/8/2020 11:28:56 AM:
All the lodging options, services etc are on the website ( https://bikemickelson.com/default.aspx). Just click on Towns & Services or use the map legend diagram and click on a CITY.

Rail trails : A mountain bike, hybrid bike or road bike with treaded tires (ex. Schwalbe) will be most comfortable. Your mileage / day varies due to ability, but rail trails will be slower than road travel. ANY TRIP: Prepare for all weather, bring rain gear. Protect your clothing etc. in 1 gallon ziplocs and/or weather-proof paniers (like Ortlieb). Carry water.
SHUTTLES: yes. Google found many companies to transport people, bikes, or move cars.
HOTELS: Look at SERVICES page. The BED symbol is a hotel. The TENT symbol is for camping. Reserve ahead during peak travel times (summer) especially.