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Riding a tandem on trail

papa from SPRINGFIELD, MO on 4/21/2021 1:43:32 PM:
Have ridden Katy from end to end on our tandem, can it be done on Michelson? Our tandem has 26 x1.25 tires, which worked well on Katy.

Dennis from Fort Collins CO on 5/23/2021 12:47:18 PM:
we rode the Mick on a comotion speedster tandem in June 2017 on 700x35c tires. It was fine except a bit tricky in the sandy sections just before Edgemont. It may be more difficult if the trail gets very wet. We also rode that tandem on the Allegeney and C&O.

Chuckie from Denver on 9/15/2021 6:24:26 PM:
I just rode it on 32s and was fine except for the two times I slipped off the edge into the soft shoulder. The previous post is spot on. You will want more than 32s if it has recently rained. It all depends on how good of a bike handler you are.