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Lodging/stops between Custer and Edgemont?

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Ranger from Boulder on 8/22/2021 4:55:01 PM:
Looking on the map, it looks like there are no places to stay after Custer, making it a 43 mile ride from Custer to Edgemont. I've heard rumors of a place to stay in Pringle, but not really making any headway finding it. Surely not everyone can ride the 43 miles between Custer and Edgemont in a day???? What do people do/recommend?

AJ on 8/25/2021 6:32:49 AM:
You can easily do the 43 mile ride from Custer to Edgemont in a day. It's mostly all downhill. I remember certain chunks of it we were cruising at 20 mph, hardly peddling. We did Hill City to Edgemont in about 6-7 hours. We were not avid bikers at the time, so if you are in decent physical shape - it shouldn't be a problem.

Mike from Irvine, CA on 10/8/2021 3:40:03 PM:
I agree with AJ. I did the Mickelson in 2 days (Deadwood to Hill City in 3.5hrs and then Hill City to Edgemont in 4hrs), and it was far easier than it looked on paper. Next time I'll do it in one day, and I'm not a particularly strong rider. North to South, there is a lot of downhill.

JDM from ND on 10/8/2021 4:44:48 PM:
If it makes you feel any different, my group did it. We consisted of 4 adults who are not avid riders, and 4 kids ranging from 7-11.

It wasn't a cake walk, and I would say it seems mostly flat with some downhills and the occasional uphill thrown in.

Here is the elevation map:

The Forest service has one as well.

Anonymous from Denver on 5/26/2022 8:48:50 PM:
The Plenty Star Ranch is just north of Pringle, so that would save a few miles. They have a couple nice cabins, plus camping shoes.