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Crazy Horse Memorial

Shellie from Bend, OR on 10/11/2021 2:17:36 PM:
Given that the Mickelson Trail goes right past the Crazy Horse Memorial I am planning to stop and see it when I ride the trail in June. My question is regarding the Avenue of the Chiefs road that leads to the visitor center...is that road safe to cycle on? From what I can tell from Google Earth it looks very wide and may even have a bike lane or a shoulder to ride on?? Many thanks in advance for your insight.

JDM from ND on 10/11/2021 2:54:24 PM:
I would say it is reasonably safe. It is 4 lanes, quite short, and slower speed limit as I recall. I don't remember if there is a shoulder, but I remember it being quite wide. We visited by vehicle, but I don't think I would have hesitated taking my family on that road. Here is a horrible, yet accurate video I found: https://youtu.be/77FG8tjfDm8?t=158 The video should start you where the driver turns off the highway and onto Ave of Chiefs.

Shellie from Bend, OR on 10/11/2021 5:24:09 PM:
Thank you so much! The video shows the road is indeed quite wide and there is what appears to be a nice shoulder to ride on.