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Interactive map accuracy

Robert Bruce Warden Laubach from Williamsburg on 5/6/2022 10:14:13 AM:
I was trying to follow the interactive map and between miles 20 and 30, the blue line that shows the trail does not match the dotted line of the trail. is there a more accurate map available?

JDM from ND on 5/6/2022 1:15:18 PM:
Robert - I assume you are meaning the section between roughly Pringle and south of Argyle? Are you riding the trail north or south? Google Maps is pretty accurate, and you can turn on the Bicycle layer so it is more clear. From my memory, the trail is very easy to follow in that area. We rode south and this was our final day of riding, so our group of 8 was pretty spread out, including kids between 8 & 11, and no one got lost. I am pretty sure my son was in the lead for most of our last push from Custer. I wonder if something happened to the interactive map as I don't recall there being such a discrepancy before.