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Lisa D. from Columbus OH on 5/20/2023 7:07:08 PM:
We finished the trail today and just loved every minute of it.
We rode North to South as we wanted the hardest day of climbing first.
We are trying to get a shuttle tomorrow from Edgemont to Hill City. Rabbit can’t do it and we have left a message for Dave of Dave’s tours but haven’t gotten a reply. Any help is appreciated!

Eric from KC MO on 5/20/2023 7:32:24 PM:
I called them yesterday, seemed helpful and like worth trying in future. Good luck

Bill from Springfield, IL on 5/20/2023 9:16:54 PM:
Good luck on finding a ride to Hill City. I don't know much about the options. How many days were you on the trail North to South? How hard was the first day of climbing? Was the trail in good condition and was it windy? Thanks and again good luck.

Bubba on 5/20/2023 9:36:24 PM:
You have bikes which need shuttled also?

Eric from KC MO on 5/20/2023 9:49:24 PM:
Submitted a few hours ago but it requires review, possibly because I included a link. Try Black Hills Discovery Tours at 605-431-1200
605-920-1020 I called them yesterday and spoke about possibly arranging a ride soon. Seemed very helpful. And the price for one person with bike from south end to north end was $170. Please share cost and your outcome.

Bubba from Waterloo, IL on 5/21/2023 6:00:26 AM:
Give me a call

Bubba from Waterloo, IL on 5/21/2023 11:20:49 AM:
Give me a call

Lisa Daris from Columbus OHIO on 5/25/2023 6:44:12 PM:
Sorry for the delay in my response. We were able to get a shuttle through Bill of Discovery Tours. Vince was our driver and he was great.


Our itinerary was:
Day 0 - Rabbit Bicycles shuttled us and bikes to Deadwood
Day 1 - Deadwood to Hill City
Day 2 - AM - Sight seeing and set up camp in Custer SP
PM - Hill City to Custer SP
Day 3 - Custer to Edgewood (caught shuttle back with Discovery Tours next day)

We finished up each day around 4:30 - 5:30

Cyndie from Irvine, CA on 6/1/2023 12:22:57 PM:
What route to you recommend where it splits at the Kirk trailhead, the sugarloaf route or the other route?

Brian from Kansas Citi on 8/4/2023 7:35:11 PM:
Eric from KC. Please give me a call. My friends and I are going to ride 9/5/23 deadwood/Edgemount. Would be interesting to talk to you.