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Bike rentals.

Lorena Zatcoff from Delray Beach Florid on 7/8/2023 8:15:18 PM:
We are here in Rapid City for The second time in 3 years that we just love. I just found out about this Trailhead. Is there a place to rent bikes along the trail anywhere ??

Lorena Zatcoff from Delray Beach Florid on 7/8/2023 8:17:07 PM:
We want to bike this trail are there bike rentals along the way ?

Eric from KC MO on 7/8/2023 11:03:25 PM:
https://www.mickelsontrailaffiliates.com/ Try this site.

Bill from Springfield, IL on 7/9/2023 5:39:42 AM:
You can give these a try (I'm not sure how current the info is). Hill City is close to midway on the trail so you could ride either direction. Good luck. Rabbit Bicycle Rentals & Shuttle Service https://www.rabbitbike.com/ Bike rentals/repair: 605.574.4302 Shuttle service: 877.469.9446 Toll Free Mickelson Trail Adventures: Hill City, SD http://www.mickelsontrailadventures.com/ Bike rentals: 605.391.4491 Shuttle service: 605.574.4094 866.574.4094 Toll Free