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kRISTI from CHICAGO on 8/8/2023 8:05:01 AM:
Myself and three other woman are coming out to ride soon. We are trying to navigate degree of diffiulty and mileage per day. What are the hardest areas(elevation climbs)? We are planning north to south.
Anyone have any valuable insights? Tips? Recommendations? Thanks so very much for any input!

jaydee from 98312 on 8/8/2023 8:46:48 AM:
North to South direction is a good plan.
That said, I would recommend riding from Englewood to Deadwood since it is the most "difficult" section. By riding that section in that direction you will be mostly coasting on a downhill grade for about 8 miles. Once you finish that section, shuttle from Deadwood to Englewood and continue your ride south to eventually Edgemont.

Bill from Springfield, IL on 8/8/2023 9:07:08 AM:
I'm assuming you've seen the elevation map (link here: https://gfp.sd.gov/userdocs/mickelson-trail-map.pdf) that gives a pretty good description of the entire 109 miles. The first 5.9 miles out of Deadwood are probably the most difficult. After that it's mostly downhill into Hill City (approximate mid-point of the trail).

You'll have a slight climb out of Hill City for about 4 miles and then it's mostly downhill (or flat) all the way to Edgemont.

Since this is a former railroad line, the steepest gradient can't be more than 4% -somewhat like riding into a moderate wind. Of course, those climbing miles are offset by downhills on the other side.

Again, the link to the elevation map I included might be of help, if you haven't already seen it. Enjoy the ride.

kRISTI from CHICAGO on 8/8/2023 11:11:32 AM:
Thank you so much Jaydee and Bill! I really appreicate your input. Great information!!!!!!!

jaydee from 98312 on 8/8/2023 12:04:10 PM:
If riding peddle-assist bikes, Deadwood to Englewood is not "difficult".

kRISTI from CHICAGO on 8/8/2023 7:46:01 PM:
We will be riding Mountain bikes and Gravel bikes! Appreciate the tips!