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Are there any bike shops that rent e trikes?

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bbhugs from North Carolina on 10/20/2023 2:39:16 PM:
Looking for an e trike rental to ride the Mickelson Trail in 2024.
Are there any bike shops that rent e trikes or recumbent bikes?

Anonymous on 10/21/2023 8:18:25 PM:
Hmmm...some of those e-trikes are kinda WIDE. I say let's be more inclusive and open up the Mickelson Bike Trail to include mopeds, small to medium horsepower motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and sub-compact automobiles.

Bill from Springfield, IL on 10/21/2023 8:43:02 PM:
I think you are on to something. During my recent trip, I already saw a moped running two miles south of Deadwood. Class 3 e-bikes too.
Might as well go to the extreme and ruin the trail for all traditional bikers and hikers. The trail stewards don't seem to care. They sure aren't policing their own policy. When someone gets severely hurt by a 70# ebike or moped going 30mph, maybe they will do something.

Eric from KCMO on 10/22/2023 2:16:36 PM:
Anyone familiar with the classic musical comedy movie The Blues Brothers? I don’t know what made me think of Illinois nazis, but here’s a description of one of the movie scenes. For those not familiar, John Belushi plays Jake. Dan Akroyd is Elwood.

In the 1980 cult classic film “The Blues Brothers,” Jake and Elwood are stuck in traffic as a Nazi rally blocks the bridge they need to cross. When they ask a nearby police officer about what’s going on, the officer shrugs, “Ah, those bums won their court case, so they’re marching today.” Jake replies, “What bums?” The officer shoots back, “The f**ckin’ Nazi party.”

“Illinois Nazis,” Elwood mutters, to which Jake groans, “I hate Illinois Nazis.” The duo then pushes the gas pedal to the floor, veering towards the Nazis, forcing them to jump off the bridge and into the river to avoid being hit.

Bill from Springfield, IL on 10/22/2023 3:12:10 PM:
So, anyone who has an opinion different from yours is a Nazi. Got it. How progressive of you. Maybe if you or someone you care about ever gets injured by an 80# e-trike, you might wise up. But I'm not betting that you will. Maybe go for a few walks around the block and you won't need help to ride a bike. Seems like you are soft in more ways than one.

As for me, if the stewards don't care and there are guys like you on this forum calling others Nazis, I'll find a more civil place to talk about the Mick.

DandyDon from Fairfield ,Ohio on 10/22/2023 4:28:41 PM:
Right on, Bill. Bicycle "A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind another, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel." (From Oxford Languages)

(Just Sayin)

Eric from KCMO on 10/22/2023 4:50:15 PM:
Maybe a Stripes reference would be better? “Lighten up Francis”
I’m not an e-bike rider, although I did rent one last year and rode from Johnston Canyon within Banff National Park, down the Bow Valley Parkway then the Legacy Trail to Canmore. Total 50 km. You should look up this trial seasonal closure and I will include a link below for you and others, so you get something out of this conversation. The e-bike was kind of fun, but I don’t think of it as the real exercise I get on my own power. There is no doubt that it is an activity and light exercise depending on the assist level used plus it is getting people out of the house and off the couch. I personally ride a gravel bike, it’s called a Cutthroat. It’s powered by me. E-bikes are here to stay and they are responsible for a tremendous increase in people out there on the trails. Those people want more trails and are going to help that happen and I welcome that. Are there some that ride too fast? Definitely, but that goes for streets and highways too. Do gas motorized vehicles belong on the trails? No, we can agree on that. Perhaps more people can learn trail manners/etiquette and speed limits….and remember these are shared use trails.

Eric from KCMO on 10/23/2023 8:28:45 AM:
BBHugs I don’t think anyone in this thread is from South Dakota and none have answered your question. Here is a link to companies that offer trail related services. I took a few minutes browsing the rental companies and didn’t see trikes or recumbents offered as rentals…..it was basic e-bikes. I used Black Hills Discovery Tours to shuttle my personal vehicle to trails end. Perhaps give them a call….Bill is a good resource of all sorts of trail related information.