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Mary Kurz from Portland on 12/30/2023 1:09:07 PM:
What is the best direction when doing the whole trail?

Eric from KCMO on 12/30/2023 1:43:53 PM:
Most people do southbound, because it is predominantly a gradual downhill route. The exception is the first 16 miles are uphill out of Deadwood and then crests before Dumont. I hired Bill from Black Hills Discovery Tours. Bill drove my truck to Edgemont where it was waiting for me when I finished riding the trail. This was a little expensive, but less than two shuttle tickets for you, your partner and your bikes. Plus, I didn’t have to ride the shuttle two hours back to Deadwood (if I had parked there) Bill said he has some clients who hire him for a ride to or from Dumont where they ride downhill to Deadwood then the next day start the southbound trek from Dumont to ride the rest of the trail.

Anne from Omaha, NE on 1/17/2024 1:41:51 PM:
HI Mary! My brother and I did Deadwood to Edgemont last September (2023), spread over three days. That uphill climb out of Deadwood was brutal and we had other factors against us (cold temps and rain + our overnight packs added extra weight). We ended up not making it to our intended destination (Hill City) and instead called a shuttle to pick us up in Rochford. We had no problems the rest of the ride (day 2 was Hill City to Custer and day 3 was Custer to Edgemont).

When I do it again (and I will because it was so much fun and such a beautiful area!), I will not start in Deadwood, lol!

For reference, my brother and I are casual cyclists and we did not do anything special training-wise before our ride. During spring/summer/fall, I typically ride a couple times a week on trails near my home.