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Oreville campground

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jim from Westminster, CO on 4/19/2024 9:34:41 AM:
Website says 0.2 miles from the trail but I can't tell from the map how you get there from the trail. Is there a path or do you have to ride on highway or bushwack?

Eric from KCMO on 4/19/2024 10:16:02 AM:
I used google maps, then used street view to figure your problem out. By the looks of that guardrail I would not trailblaze. You can access the highway and ride on the paved shoulder a short distance but it may be uphill depending on your direction of travel. On the south end the trail accesses the highway at “bear gulch” although there appears to be a private driveway that would cut your short highway travel in about half. Calling the campground might get better local info.