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Erin H from Greeley, CO on 5/15/2024 5:14:45 PM:
Hello! Where can I buy a trail pass in Hill City, please?

Bill from Springfield, IL on 5/15/2024 6:53:13 PM:
You can buy a pass at the Trailhead at 512 S. Newton Avenue in Hill City. Or you can purchase a pass online for $15, but they add a $2 shipping and handling fee. If you use Google Maps and enter the 512 S, Newton Avenue address, you will be able to see the self-registration box left of the "Welcome to Tracy Park" sign where you can buy your pass. (There may be other places to purchase a pass in Hill City, but I know that one is there for sure. I bought mine at one just like it in Deadwood.) Good luck. By the way, a day pass is $4 while an annual pass is $15.