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Jeff B from Belton, TX on 5/18/2024 9:21:47 PM:
I'm looking to do the North to South route in August. I would like to do 3 days so that I can enjoy the views. Any suggestions as to which towns to stay (I will stay in Hotels)? It looks like weather will be warm. I'm from Texas so I don't believe heat will be an issue. Any concerns this time of year?

Eric from KCMO on 5/18/2024 10:24:58 PM:
I stayed In Deadwood and Custer, staying at Cedar Wood and Chalet. The Chalet was retro but updated and I really liked it. Don’t miss Purple Pie Place. In case you don’t know, avoid the entire state before/during/after Sturgis. I have no problem with the rally or those attending but you need a place or three to stay and you’ll want to eat, why compete with tens of thousands of people also doing those things? Give it a week before/after. Be aware that renting side by side ATVs is a huge attraction up there and a few visitors might be combining that activity with some tasty adult beverages. Those things willl be on the city streets and highways legally. We can all have fun, it’s just a good time to perhaps not be on a bike around then. Also the trail goes under the paved driveway up to Crazy Horse. Bring some cash for entry and ride up to the monument and museum. It’s worth it. Allow 30-60 minutes for museum or more if you like. The free film is 25 minutes. There is a bicycle rack in the parking lot directly across from museum entrance and in clear view so I felt safe leaving my loaded bike. Facebook is a great resource for Mickelson Trail since you’ll generate more responses. I still like this group. Scroll to bottom for sister trail pages on this site.

Susan from Saint Louis, MO on 5/19/2024 9:01:08 AM:
Good information except for the Crazy Horse Memorial part. You might want to read up on that before contributing to what is called the biggest "scam, sham, and shame" tourist trap in America. It was started in 1948 and was to be completed in 30 years (over twice as long as Mt. Rushmore). 76 years later there has been minimal progress towards completion of the entire sculpture. It's basically just a perpetual money-making machine for the Ziolkowski family foundation - non-native Americans by the way. $10-$12 million per year. It will never be completed - at least not in this century. In fact, the Foundation has stated they don't know WHEN or EVEN IF the sculpture can be completed. Google "Crazy Horse Memorial Controversies" and you'll see what I mean.